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fashion with compassion



Hello - I first went Vegan back in 1997.
I am a Gay Vegan Dad to an amazing 3 year old little vegan Dude.
Selling online helps me be a stay at home dad! - so thank you for helping me achieve this :)


MUNKYMAKE is the brother of MUNKYMAKEDESIGNS, which is an independent t-shirt co. based in Essex, I use my passion for Animal Rights to think up unique ideas which I then slam into the fabric of the tee to produce truly original designs that you will never find anywhere else.

Not all my designs are based around Animal Rights - I'm also keen on Humans too - so you'll find Human Rights and Earth First, Veganism and fun designs as well.


I want your tee to get in peoples faces and get them talking! 

How I print:
I now currently make all my stuff in house usIng a mix of ECO vinyls, flocks and sublimation. as I am in control of the whole birthing of each tee I will make sure each one is awesome before I send it on for you to love.

I use Eco film to print 90% of designs - the other 10% I use Eco nontoxic inks!
The Tote & make up bags are all Natural Cotton, nontoxic dyes, Chlorine free and Ethically produced.
The T-shirts are all 100% natural nontoxic Chlorine free.

New t-shirt and hoodie range is

🌱 Sustainable and Organic
♻️ Recycled materials

I try my best to work as Eco as possible

I have to say that because each item is HANDMADE and printed to order it may sometimes vary oh-so slightly from the shop image – but I operate a returns policy if you’re unhappy with your tee.

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